Thursday, April 25, 2013

Demo of SPARQL search in HIVE/iRODS Integration

This demo video was prepared for a presentation this week, and it shows a bit more of the integration between iRODS and

As mentioned previously, we're integrating controlled vocabularies via SKOS using the HIVE system. Dr. Jane Greenberg as SILS has prepared a short paper describing some of the concepts and motivations for this effort here.

Technically, we have three primary elements:

  1. Integration of the HIVE system into our iDrop web interface.  This includes a new set of Jargon libraries that support this integration, allowing easy wiring of HIVE functionality via Spring.
  2. A 'visitor' and 'iterator' library in Jargon for sweeping through data objects and collections marked up with HIVE RDF terms.
  3. An OWL vocabulary (though it's a rough sketch right now) describing iRODS ICAT metadata and relationships, which also goes into the index with our vocabularies.
  4. A HIVE query REST interface that can issue SPARQL queries to our indexed triple store, and a start at some preset queries such as searching on a term, or searching for items related to a term.
These elements are demonstrated in the demo video below...